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The statue will be a work of art! The Trooper Project has enlisted the services of acclaimed sculptor, Benjamin Victor. His impressive and detailed works are displayed with pride across the U. S. and even a few overseas. He is already at work designing the statue while looking at every stitch that makes the Trooper’s uniform the iconic symbol that it is.
In March 2014, Victor watched in the National Statuary Hall in the U. S. Capitol, as Congressional leaders unveiled his latest statue. It was of Dr. Norman Borlaug representing the State of Iowa. At 36, Mr. Victor is the only living sculptor to have two statues in the U. S. Capitol. His first was unveiled in 2005 when he was 26-years old, the youngest sculptor to have a statue in the collection. Victor’s work has captured the attention of many across the country.
Mr. Victor makes incredibly detailed figurative works in both bronze and marble. Many of his monumental works function as tributes to great historical figures or to contemporary heroes like police, firefighters or those who have served in the military.
Below is Mr. Victor at work on the full-size clay version of The Trooper that will be used to make the molds for the bronze final statue. The statue and base will be about 10 feet tall.
Victor on Floor. Victor Standing next to the staute

At right is sculptor Benjamin Victor and his statue of Dr. Norman Borlaug. The statue of Dr. Borlaug, who's work in improving worldwide wheat production is credited saving millions from starvation, was recently unveiled in the Hall of Statuary in the U.S. Capitol.

Iowa Public Television has produced a documentary on Dr. Borlaug and Mr. Victor's process in producing the amazingly lifelike bronze statue.

Below is a link to the Iowa Public Television website that has the documentary available for viewing.

Also below is a link to Mr. Victor's website that showcases his incredible ability to capture the fine detail and personality of his subjects.

Benjamin Victor
Iowa Public Television   Benjamin Victor Studios


Two more examples of Mr. Victor's work.

An example of Mr. Victor's work. An example of Mr. Victor's work.
in Aberdeen, South Dakota
World War II aviator
at the Boise Idaho Airport
“Art critics and organizations, including the National Sculpture Society, continue to recognize the aesthetic and conceptual integrity of Benjamin’s artwork. His incredible passion and drive shows in each of his unique and profound creations. With expressive features, exquisite detail, dynamic gesture and thought provoking content, the sculpture of Benjamin Victor is sure to take its place among the great masterpieces of art history.”

--Ruth McKinney, Professor of Fine Art, M.F.A, University of South Dakota