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Thirty-Nine KSP Officers Promoted
Eighty-Three Officers First Group Awarded Trooper First Class

Date of Release: 08/23/05

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The Kentucky State Police (KSP) announced the promotion of 39 officers during a ceremony held today at the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne in Louisville. Another 82 officers, plus one posthumously, were awarded trooper first class, the first group to receive the new designation.

Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, Steve Pence, complimented the officers for their efforts. "These men and women have dedicated themselves to advancing the mission of the Kentucky State Police," said Pence. "On behalf of the Commonwealth, I want to commend the promotional recipients and trooper first class awardees for their commitment to public service and safety."

KSP Commissioner Mark L. Miller cited the diligence that troopers must possess to be promoted. "These officers have dedicated countless hours of training, studying, testing, interviewing and otherwise maintaining the highest standards to take their place as leaders in the Kentucky State Police," said Miller. "Combined, these officers have 427 years of experience. This collective understanding will come to bear as we continuously strive to best meet the law enforcement needs of Kentucky."

Pence and Miller also recognized officers receiving trooper service achievement awards, earning them the title of trooper first class. This was the first group of troopers, who range in terms of service from nine to 37 years and collectively have 1,278 years as KSP officers, to receive this designation. The award is based on criteria including performance evaluations and at least eight years of service with the agency.

"I'm pleased to present these awards, which allow more incentive opportunities within the position of trooper," said Miller. "These officers have excelled in many areas to earn this award and can take pride in being the first to receive it."

Three lieutenants were promoted to captain: Michael Crawford, William Payton and Greg Speck.

Crawford was reassigned from the Dry Ridge Post to commander of the Strategic Planning Branch at KSP Headquarters in Frankfort. Payton remains assigned to the Bowling Green Post and is now commander of the post. Speck remains assigned to the Columbia Post and is now the post commander.

Eleven sergeants were promoted to lieutenant: John Bradley, Keith Payne, David Hay, Phillip Burnett Jr., Claude Little, John Carrico Jr., Sean Welch, John McMahan, Stephen Roper, Scottie Ward, Leonard Banks were promoted from sergeant to lieutenant.

Bradley, who was in the Communications and Computer Technology Branch, and Hay, who was in the Academy Branch, both located in Frankfort, were reassigned to the Dry Ridge Post. Payne, who had been assigned to the Henderson Post, was reassigned to the Bowling Green Post. Ward who is assigned to the Bowling Green Post remains there.

Burnett remains assigned to the Harlan Post. Little, McMahan and Banks were transferred from the Pikeville Post, with Little now assigned to the Hazard Post, McMahan to the Ashland Post and Banks to the Mayfield Post.

Carrico remains assigned to the Criminal Identification and Records Branch. Welch was reassigned from the Special Operations Branch to the Ashland Post. Roper was transferred from the Richmond Post to the Columbia Post.

Twenty-five troopers were promoted to sergeant: Jonathan Grant, John Taylor, James Stephens, Jason Simpson, Anthony Taulbee, Janet Gabbard, Jason Kirk, David Jude, Stacey May, David Millay, Bobby Murray, John Yates, Kevin Pickett, Henry Carmichael IV, Timothy Bailey, Brookes Young, James Kidd, Mark Bess, Thomas Walsh, Jesse Owens, Brenton Ford, Kenneth Duff, Michael Evans, Kenneth Bowman and Kevin Minor.

Grant remains assigned to the Driver Testing Branch in the Mayfield area, and Simpson will be transferred from the Columbia Post to the Driver Testing Branch in Frankfort as the commercial driver license supervisor. Bess, from the Driver Testing Branch, and Ford, from the Henderson Post, have taken assignments at the Campbellsburg Post.

May remains assigned to the Dry Ridge Post where Taylor, who was assigned to the Richmond Post, was reassigned.

Stephens was reassigned from the Ashland Post to the Pikeville Post. Taulbee and Kidd, both from the Pikeville Post, were reassigned to the Harlan Post.

Gabbard remains assigned to the Mayfield Post, while Duff, from the Hazard Post, and Minor, from the Ashland Post, were reassigned to the Mayfield Post.

Kirk and Bailey, both from the Madisonville Post, and Millay from the West Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations Branch (DESI), were transferred to the Henderson Post. Young remains assigned to the Henderson Post.

Jude and Evans remain assigned to the Academy Branch in Frankfort. Murray remains assigned to the Madisonville Post, and Pickett and Carmichael will remain assigned to the Bowling Green Post. Walsh, who was assigned to the Elizabethtown Post, and Owens, who had been in the Special Operations Branch, Canine Section, were both transferred to the Bowling Green Post.

Yates was reassigned from the London Post to the Communications and Computer Technology Branch in Frankfort. Bowman was transferred from the Morehead Post to the Mayfield Post.

The following officers were awarded trooper first class:

Trooper Barry K. Knuckles Post 10-Harlan (Awarded posthumously)
Trooper Stuart K. Adams Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Terry A. Alexander Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper Stacy T. Anderkin Post 11-London
Detective Anthony L. Anderson Drug Enforcement/Special Investigations (DESI) East
Trooper Christopher G. Anderson Post 1-Mayfield
Trooper Thomas J. Atkin Academy Branch
Detective Stephen D. Auvenshine Intelligence Branch
Trooper William S. Barrow Academy Branch
Trooper Lonnie W. Bell Post 16-Henderson
Trooper Clyde E. Bertram, Jr. Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Barry M. Blair Post 11-London
Trooper David J. Brennan Post 12-Frankfort
Trooper Darren C. Broyles Post 12-Frankfort
Trooper Stephen C. Bryan Post 1-Mayfield
Trooper George S. Canter Canine Section
Trooper Michael B. Carnahan Post 12-Frankfort
Trooper Christopher B. Chenault Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Rodger W. Cooper DESI East
Trooper David W. Cornett Post 11-London
Trooper Michael H. Cornett Post 10-Harlan
Trooper Roger D. Cowherd Driver Testing Branch
Trooper Christopher J. Crockett Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Joel C. Davis Post 1-Mayfield
Trooper William H. Elliotte Post 11-London
Trooper Anthony L. Fannin Special Response Team
Trooper Carey J. Figg Intelligence Branch
Trooper Robert L. Garnes Post 14-Ashland
Trooper Tommy A. Garrett Driver Testing Branch
Trooper Wilmer A. Gatson Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Eric D. Gibson Post 7-Richmond
Trooper John W. Giles Executive Security Branch
Trooper Mark E. Gillingham Post 4-Elizabethtown
Detective Steven N. Glenn Vehicle Investigations
Trooper Elliott D. Gollihue Post 14-Ashland
Trooper James D. Heller Post 4-Elizabethtown
Trooper Jonathan L. Holbrook Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper Anthony T. Holder Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper James S. Hopkins Post 9-Pikeville
Trooper Marcus W. Hopkins DESI East
Trooper Darrell W. Hutchison Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Delano L. Jewell Post 3-Bowling Green
Detective Cindy L. Langer DESI East
Trooper Christopher J. Lanham Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Samuel R. Little Executive Security Branch
Trooper Ralph V. Lockard, Jr. Post 8-Morehead
Trooper Jason R. Lovins Special Response Team
Detective Billy W. Madden DESI East
Detective Jonathan T. Marshall DESI East
Trooper Michael M. May Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper James B. Meadows Post 1-Mayfield
Trooper Terry A. Moore Post 4-Elizabethtown
Trooper Robert C. Mouser Post 4-Elizabethtown
Trooper Donald P. Mullikin Post 6-Dry Ridge
Trooper Monte H. Owens Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Markael O. Padgett Post 14-Ashland
Trooper Garry T. Partin Post 10-Harlan
Trooper Steven R. Pavey Post 4-Elizabethtown
Trooper Tony E. Perkins Canine Section
Trooper Joie L. Peters Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Timothy M. Rascoe Post 16-Henderson
Trooper Clyde M. Rayburn Post 12-Frankfort
Detective William H. Riley Vehicle Investigations
Trooper Sherman E. Royse Post 8-Morehead
Detective Timothy N. Simpson DESI West
Trooper Scott Skaggs Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper Jeremy C. Slinker Special Response Team
Trooper Kenneth P. Stewart Post 12-Frankfort
Detective Jeffrey L. Stevens DESI East
Trooper Eric A. Stone Post 12-Frankfort
Trooper Michael A. Stotts Post 7-Richmond
Trooper Roy D. Tarrence Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper Mikey J. Turnbow Canine Section
Trooper Ricky V. Underwood Canine Section
Detective Jeffrey D. Waddle DESI East
Trooper Marvin D. Watson Post 9-Pikeville
Detective Louis G. Weber DESI West
Detective Jasper D. White DESI East
Detective Kevin R. Willoughby DESI East
Trooper Jeffrey W. Wilson Post 3-Bowling Green
Trooper Norman F. Winchester, Jr. Post 3-Bowling Green
Detective John G. Wolf Intelligence Branch
Trooper Kenneth R. Yarber Canine Section

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