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General Rules of Conduct for Cadets

Click on any of the General Rules below to see more about that subject.

General Rules of Conduct for Cadets Click here for more information

Cadets are bound by all rules, regulations, and laws, which apply, to all members of the Kentucky State Police. These are located in the issued Kentucky State Police Manual. In addition, they are bound by those rules and regulations which apply specifically to the Academy and to a cadet class.

General Courtesy Click here for more information

Cadets are required to practice the canons of exemplary courtesy at all times. Specifically forbidden is the use of loud, coarse, profane, and insolent language. (3 demerits)

Military Bearing Click here for more information

Cadets are required to walk, stand, and sit in a military manner at all times. (3 Demerits)
Walk briskly, comfortably erect, and alert.
Sit or stand, comfortably erect, and alert.

Military Courtesy Click here for more information

Cadets are required to practice the canons of exemplary military courtesy at all times.
Cadets shall give way and come to attention whenever they are approached by someone recognized as a State Police Officer. If they are in a group, the first cadet who sees the officer will call the groups to attention when the officer approaches within twenty (20) feet. (3 Demerits) Cadets traveling in formation or in a single file group of five (5) or more will not be required to stop and come to attention but may continue on their assigned task.
When cadets are in any room which is entered by someone recognized as a State Police Officer, it is the duty of the first cadet who sees the officer to call the group to attention. An exception to this procedure is that cadets shall not be required to come to attention during meals or at any time when circumstances make the procedure inappropriate. (3 Demerits)
Whenever an instructor enters a classroom, it is the duty of the first cadet who sees the instructor to call "Attention". If someone enters the room while a class is being conducted, it is the responsibility of the instructor to call attention when he or she deems it proper to do so. (3 Demerits)
When addressing a Kentucky State Police Officer, cadets shall come to attention call the officer by rank and name, and use the word "sir" or "ma´am" as military courtesy would dictate. (3 Demerits) ("Sir" or "Ma´am" should be the first and last word utilized when a cadet is speaking.)
Before entering any office on the Academy grounds, a cadet will knock, wait to be acknowledged and then report in a military manner, giving names and reasons for reporting. (3 Demerits)
Cadets will maintain correct military bearing at all times. The position of attention will be assumed while marching to and from class and standing in the chow line. The group will move as a single close spaced unit marching single file. (3 Demerits)

Appearance Click here for more information

Cadets shall be neat and clean in appearance and dress. All uniforms and equipment are to be in serviceable condition at all times. During the training program, cadets shall wear their hair in the following manner. (3 Demerits)
Male cadets shall keep their hair cut in a "burr" and it shall be no longer than one-half (1/2) inch in length. Sideburns shall not be longer than an imaginary line drawn from the corner of the eye to the top of the middle earlobe. The haircut on the neck shall be a tapered style, blending a shaven area gradually into the longer hair. Squared, "blocked" hair cuts and Military style "high" and "tight" are not acceptable. No evidence of a beard or mustache will be acceptable. A clean- appearance shall be presented at all times.
Female cadets shall wear their hair in such a manner that it does not extend below the top of the shirt collar. Hair may be combed over the ears, but will not extend below the bottom of the ears. Hair may be styled or combed forward; however, it will be no longer than three-fourths (3/4) of an inch above the eyebrows. The maximum length of hair for female cadets is (3) inches when fully extended.

Use of Tobacco, Chewing Gum and Contraband Click here for more information

No cadet shall chew gum, tobacco, or smoke while attending cadet training. No smoking is allowed at any time. No smokeless tobacco, gum, mints, candy or any contraband will be allowed in the building. (5 demerits).

Game/Card Playing Click here for more information

No cadet shall participate in any type of card or other game of chance while at the Academy. (5 demerits).

Authorized Leave Procedure Click here for more information

On any authorized leave, (i.e., doctor's appointment, funeral, etc.), cadets will notify Ms. Emmons (located in Room 202, Academy Commander's Office) of their time of departure and return, if during normal duty hours (0800 to 1630 Hours). If Ms. Emmons is unavailable, other staff should be notified.

During off-duty hours (1630-0800 Hours) cadets will notify the scheduled Duty Officer of such information.

Private Phone Calls and Mail Click here for more information

No phone calls are permitted during duty hours unless they are of an emergency nature, or unless prior approval has been obtained from a member of the Academy staff. All personal phone calls will be made from phones at the Academy between 2030 and 2300 hours. The time limit on personal calls shall be five (5) minutes, and no cadet shall make more than one (1) such call per day without prior approval from a member of the staff. Only emergency calls will be received on the office phone. If necessary, due to a spouse's work schedule, approval may be obtained from a member of the Academy staff to use the telephone at any other time.

All mail shall be addressed to the cadet in care of the Kentucky State Police Academy, 919 Versailles Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-4740.

All outgoing mail for the day will be placed in the on the table in the hall near the staff duty officer room. This mail will be gathered by the cadet duty officer and taken to the Academy office (Room 202) prior to 0800 each day. Cadets should bring the anticipated amount of postage stamps with them for the week when returning to the Academy.

Off Limits Area Click here for more information

Cadets are not to visit any headquarters office, or any other area designated as "off limits" unless specific permission has been obtained from a member of the Academy Staff. (5 demerits).

Cadets and Contact with KSP Units Click here for more information

Cadets shall not ride with nor be in contact with any Kentucky State Police unit at any time during their training unless directed to do so by a member of the staff. This excludes needs for police service and contact with family members who are state police units. This includes weekend leave. (5 demerits)

State Police Installations Click here for more information

Cadets shall not loiter or spend unnecessary time at any State Police installation without prior approval from a member of the Academy staff. This includes weekend leave. (5 demerits).

Reporting Incidents of Police Action/Intervention Click here for more information

Any cadet who is involved in an accident with his private vehicle at any time during his training shall, in addition to compliance with the law, report such involvement to the class coordinator or academy commander utilizing proper memorandum style. (5 demerits)

Any cadet who is involved in any type of incident or investigation conducted by a police agency, whether as a complainant, victim, or witness, is to report that involvement to the class coordinator or academy commander utilizing proper memorandum style. (5 demerits)

Condition of Private Vehicle Click here for more information

All private vehicles shall conform to all laws and regulations governing vehicles. (5 demerits)

Late for Class Click here for more information

No cadet shall be late for any class, formation, or other assembly unless such a member of the Academy staff authorizes absence. (3 demerits)

Dismissal Offenses Click here for more information

Although a cadet is not entitled to a trial board hearing prior to dismissal, actions by a cadet which would constitute a trial board offense for sworn officers as set forth in the Kentucky State Police Manual, may result in dismissal. As such, General Order AME is hereby incorporated in this manual for reference. Additionally, any violation of the Cadet Honor Code may also result in dismissal.

Appeals Click here for more information

A cadet who believes that an unjust punishment has been imposed may present their objections, in writing, to the Academy Commander for review.

General Instructions Click here for more information

Any instructions given to a cadet by a member of the Academy staff shall be constructed as a direct order. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. (3 demerits)

Horse Play/Specialized Groups Click here for more information

The practice of playing abusive or humiliating tricks on another individual or any group of individuals is strictly prohibited. This includes the formation of cliques or specialized groups among the cadets. (3 demerits)

Physical Contact Click here for more information

There shall be no physical contact (pushing, hitting, etc.) between cadets except in a training capacity and always approved and/or supervised by a member of the Academy staff. (5 demerits)

Search Policy Click here for more information

During the cadet training program, all cadets may be subjected to a search of their person, room, personal articles or vehicle while on Academy property, or while participating in an Academy training program conducted away from Academy grounds.

Illnesses & Training Related Injuries Click here for more information

Any cadet that is injured while in Academy training, or becomes ill, regardless of whether treatment is necessary, will report this injury or illness to a member of the Academy staff. For injuries only, not illness, he/she must furnish all necessary information on a SF-1 First Report of Injury Form (see Ms. Emmons Room 202). If treatment is necessary, be sure to have with you your medical insurance information (card) before departing the Academy. (Except life and death emergencies.)

Chain of Command Click here for more information

A "Chain of Command" policy will be strictly adhered to by cadets while at the Academy. Outside the classroom or any other instructional setting, any inquiries made to instructors, academy staff members, and the staff duty officer will be made by the cadet duty officer.

Exceptions to this rule are those inquiries made by the class president or other elected class officer during the performance of the duties for that respective post or matters of a personal nature. (3 Demerits)

Off Duty/Leave Conduct Click here for more information

Cadets should realize they now represent the Kentucky State Police at all times, both on and off duty. Therefore, cadets should refrain from activity that would be considered unbecoming a member of the agency or that could bring disrepute to the Kentucky State Police. (Dismissal)

Weekend Stays Click here for more information

Any cadet who does not reside in the Commonwealth and needs to stay at the Academy during weekend leave shall request to do so in memorandum form to the Academy Commander through channels and shall abide by the following conditions:

Must leave with group upon Friday dismissal and may return after 1645 hours.
No alcoholic beverages in building or on property.
No outside visitors in the building.
No outside food in rooms.
Enter/Exit at side dispatch door signing in and out.
Can visit in others rooms.
Can use laundry room.
Weight room is off limits.
All phones are off limits.
No incoming personal phone calls to 502-695-6380 (dispatch).

Entering Rooms of Staff Members Click here for more information

Cadets wishing to report to a staff member in his/her office will stand at the position of attention at the doorway, knock and wait for a response from within. When addressed, the cadet will respond with his/her name, which he/she wishes to speak with, and the purpose of the visit. He/She will then wait for further instructions from the staff member before entering the room.

Resignation Procedures Click here for more information

Cadets wishing to resign from the program shall:

Contact a member of the Academy Staff immediately and so inform him/her.

Resign between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Friday only. This is to facilitate the paperwork required. It is in the cadet's best interest to resign during these hours.

Turn in all issued equipment, including notebook and all notes. In the event all issued equipment is not located, the resigning cadet's personal property is subject to inspection or charges for equipment shortages will be deducted from the cadet's last paycheck prior to mailing it to him/her.

Contact Information for the Kentucky State Police

Kentucky State Police
919 Versailles Road | Frankfort, KY 40601

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