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Kentucky State Police Hazardous Devices Investigator

Hazardous Devices Investigator Examples of Duties

Investigates explosive complaints, suspected bombs and explosive-related offenses. Renders safe bombs, explosives, hazardous chemicals and disposes of these items as required. Coordinates Kentucky State Police activities involving training law enforcement and fire departments in explosive operations. Conducts on-site examinations of scenes involving explosives and arson-related offenses to collect physical evidence, photographs and sketches of scenes. Arrests and interrogates suspects. Prepares detailed reports of explosives and hazardous devices investigations. Operates specialized explosive disposal equipment and conducts disposal operations. Performs other duties as required.

Minimum Requirements

Education: High School Graduate

Experience: Five (5) years of experience or college education involving explosives and/or hazardous devices used in the area of law enforcement, the military or firefighting.

Characteristics of Class

Hazardous Devices Investigators are required to be certified in the Kentucky Police Officer Professional Standards (POPS) to be sworn as a peace officer and to maintain employment with the Kentucky State Police. In addition, Hazardous Devices Investigators must complete the appropriate field training program. Investigators who are already POPS certified at the hire date shall be administered the oath of office and commissioned as soon as practical. Investigators who are not already POPS certified at the hire date must achieve the certification before being administered the oath of office and being commissioned.

Additional Information

If employed as a KSP Hazardous Devices Investigator, submission to random drug testing will be mandatory during the course of employment.

The starting monthly salary for a Hazardous Devices Investigator is $2,848.22 per month plus benefits.

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