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KSP Dry Ridge Thanks Local Citizens

Date of News Release: 07/25/2016

On behalf of the men and women proudly serving our communities from KSP Post 6 - Dry Ridge and local law enforcement agencies throughout our post area, I offer our sincerest gratitude for the amount of support being shown to Troopers, Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, Telecommunicators, and support staff. Post 6, like many other departments, has received many letters of encouragement, kind words of appreciation, and other similar messages thanking us for the daily work our agency does in providing police services to all of our citizens. I am understating the point when I say we are humbled by your positive thoughts, prayers, and actions.

Seemingly on a daily basis, our country is experiencing a varied range of emotions regarding police interaction with the public we are sworn to serve. Understandably, the incidents surrounding these emotions are cause for concern. Proper dialogue from all sides is needed before the country can move towards successful resolutions. Collectively and collaboratively, we all must come together to better understand the issues each of us encounter in today's world and only then can we as a society begin to solve the complex series of puzzles that intertwine us.

I see an excellent opportunity for law enforcement we cannot let pass by. Both locally and nationally, we have the opportunity to partner with citizenry demanding improved services from police agencies. This is not to question any agency or department, rather it is stating the time is now to ensure the relationships law enforcement has with our communities is professionally fulfilling the demands and exceeds the needs expected. The Kentucky State Police face a formidable challenge as we must continue to foster positive, productive relationships with the public while doing so spread across multiple counties, cities and neighborhoods requiring our personnel to remain aware and adaptable to the many different cultures we work with daily.

To achieve this success, it is imperative we as law enforcement professionals must remember and adhere to the "Police Officer Code of Ethics" and our own policies. The Code of Ethics states: "As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; and to respect the constitutional rights of all persons to liberty, equality and justice." The Code further states "I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith." KSP Policy reminds us "This public trust mandates agency members exemplify the highest standards of conduct both on and off-duty and work to uphold the agency's mission and vision." I truly believe KSP works tirelessly to uphold these statements.

We have received many cards, letters and words of support. I wish I could thank each person individually who mailed, delivered or sent them in but that doesn't seem possible. Be confident in knowing the Kentucky State Police and specifically the Dry Ridge Post remains fully committed to the Code of Ethics and Policy statements. We pledge to continue seeking our own growth in the development of key relationships while respecting the rights and dignity of all persons. We will continue to earn your trust and support and are thankful for the many great people we have the opportunity to work for, with, and around. Again, from everyone at KSP Post 6, thank you!

Captain David P. Jude
Commander – Post 6
Kentucky State Police