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State Police Dry Ridge launch "Operation: Stop the Grinch"

Date of News Release: 11/23/2015

Operation Stop Grinch Logo Operation Stop Grinch Logo

(Dry Ridge, KY) - The holiday season is upon us. Traditionally, this is a time when families gather to celebrate through a variety of customs unique to each family. Often, these celebrations involve the purchase of gifts that are shared with family members and friends. Unfortunately, this is also a time when law enforcement see a rise in theft related crimes from homes, vehicles and businesses. The Kentucky State Police Dry Ridge Post has a plan to reduce holiday thievery.

Starting on Monday, November 16, 2015, Troopers from Post 6 - Dry Ridge launched "Operation: Stop the Grinch". The Christmas season cartoon classic "the Grinch Who Stole Christmas" is centered on the Grinch and his attempt to stop the holiday in the town of Whoville.

KSP Captain David P. Jude, Post 6 Commander believes the analogy of the classic holiday story is fitting.

"Although in the story the Grinch turns out to be a hero, we know this doesn't translate into the real world," says Jude. "The 'Grinches' that plague our community don't return gifts nor engage in celebrations with the families they victimize. 'Operation: Stop the Grinch' is a proactive effort to locate and educate 'Grinches' in our communities."

In the two-month period of November and December 2014, the rural counties of Post 6 experienced over 250 robbery / theft related incidents. It should be noted that larceny crimes have decreased since 2012.

"We have seen a downward trend lately in theft related crimes," adds Jude. "It is our goal to make all of our communities safer and Operation: Stop the Grinch is one step towards doing so." says Jude.

The program runs from November 16, 2015 through Christmas day.

"Troopers can't do this alone, we can use the community's help. If you know a name of anyone engaged in or suspected of engaging in theft related crimes, give us a call," says Jude.

Post 6 - Dry Ridge can be reached at 859-428-1212, or through the KSP app. The mobile app features include a voice messaging tip line, the ability to send a photo tip or text a tip. The KSP app is available free of charge in both the Apple© and Google Play© stores and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android phone users. The application is titled 'KSPOLICE'