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Safe Driving Tips For Fall and October Traffic Checkpoints

Date of News Release: 09/30/2005

(Campbellsburg, KY) - Fall driving presents its own colorful set of problems. Decreasing daylight and wet leaves create challenges for the unsuspecting driver. The Kentucky State Police in Campbellsburg offer these tips to help you navigate fall driving hazards.

Patches of fallen leaves can be just as treacherous as patches of ice. Fallen leaves retain large amounts of water and can create a slippery surface. Drive slowly through them and avoid hard or panic braking.

Fall also brings the first frost. Be aware of slippery conditions that occur with frost. At freezing or near freezing temperatures, the moisture on bridges and overpasses will become ice much quicker than the roadway. The roadways hold heat and the bridges do not; you can go from wet roadway to ice in just a fraction of a second.

Frost, sunshine, wet leaves on the road, school buses, and kids playing on their way to school can be a disaster if they come together at the wrong time. Please recognize the hazard and drive accordingly.

Fall weather can also present challenges to drivers. Rain, fog, sleet and wet snow require full driver attention. Remember the "two-second rule" when following other drivers, and in severe weather increase your following distance. If you are being tailgated let the other driver pass.

As you know, the sun rises later and sets earlier as fall approaches. Your commute to and from work may find you driving directly into the sun. Fall driving in Kentucky can be beautiful but glare can also make it dangerous. Be sure your windows are clean, inside and out, and have sunglasses handy. When you lower your visor, push it all the way forward, then pull it back to the proper position, don't leave the edge of the visor inches from the bridge of your nose where it could cause injury in a crash. If you're driving away from a low sun, glare will not be a problem for you, but it can be for the drivers approaching from the other direction. It may help to use your low beam headlights, allowing you to be seen more readily.

The Kentucky State Police at Campbellsburg would also like to remind motorist of the presence of traffic checkpoints during the month of October. These checkpoints are utilized to enforce laws relating to the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants, licensing of drivers, registration of motor vehicles, and motor vehicle equipment safety. Other violations or suspected violations of state law observed at the checkpoint will be investigated and enforced.

The determination of where and when a traffic checkpoint will be held will bear a relationship to a public safety or traffic violation problem, which has been experienced or is anticipated in a particular location.

Traffic checkpoints will be established on roadways with clear visibility in all directions of travel. Always remember to wear your seatbelt and make sure everyone in your car is buckled too. Seatbelts save lives.

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