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Driver Testing Branch

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Kentucky State Police Driver Testing Branch in Frankfort, KY. The KSP Driver Testing Branch is under the command of Captain Howard R. Rice.
Captain Howard R. Rice Captain Howard R. Rice

Graduated License Course online,

If you wish to complete the Graduated License Course online, please click on the link below :


Graduated License Eligibility


KY Driver Testing Branch Video

Update to the Kentucky Driver Manual

The new updated Kentucky Driver Manual has been completed. Now the manual is on a 8 X 11 paper and can be printed on two-sided now, if your printer is capable. Click here to open the Kentucky Driver Manual

KY Motorcycle Rider Skill Test Instructions Video

CDL License Issuance Process
CDL License Issuance Process, click here to see the flow chart

Changes Made to the CDL Manual

An image of the CDL Cover, click here to download the CDL Manual in pdf format There has been a major change to the Commercial Driver License Manual P 1-2 "HOW TO APPLY" section on the manual. The change to this section now reads:

Effective January 30, 2012, a CDL permit/license can not be issued until the applicant has provided a copy of the CDL application, a legible copy of both front and back of their DOT medical card, and a Commercial Driver License Self Certification form certifying as to what type driving they are operating in or expect to operate in. The above information must be forwarded to the Division of Driver Licensing and posted to the driver’s CDLIS record prior to applying for issuance of a CDL/ CLP at the circuit court clerk's office. This process could take up to 10 days; you will be notified by mail when completed..

Under 49 CFR 384.206, a driver applying for an original, renewal, upgrade/add-on or transfer CDL must provide a list of all states where the driver has held a license to operate any type motor vehicle in the last ten (10) years. The Ten (10) Year History Survey Request must be initiated prior to a CDL permit/license being issued. This is a one time process. If the driver has already provided the information and has not transferred out of state since completing the process, he/she will not be required to submit the information again. Per 49 CFR 383.73 (g) if a driver fails to disclose any state in which a license was issued, that driver will be subject to a minimum suspension of sixty (60) days for falsifying an application.

In an attempt to make the new process user friendly, the Division of Driver Licensing has made the CDL application accessible from the DDL website: http://transportation.ky.gov/drlic. The driver will select the "Forms and Applications" option on the left and then click on TC 94-32. The form can be completed on line and printed out. The driver will then have three options for submitting the application to the Division of Driver Licensing: 1) print, scan and email the application to KYTC.CDL@KY.GOV: 2) mail to; Division of Driver Licensing, 200 Mero St, Frankfort, KY 40622; 3) fax it to the CDL Section at 502-564-3250. An applicant can bring the application to the Division of Driver Licensing's One Stop Shop but, it can take up to 10 days to process. A supply of the CDL applications is available from our Administrative Support Section at 502-564-0278 ext 5104.

All applicants will be required to successfully pass a knowledge test either in written or oral form, and a vision test. A CDL instruction permit will then be issued that is valid for six (6) months. You may schedule a road skills test with Kentucky State Police 14 days after the permit has been issued. A permit may only be renewed once in the two (2) year period. If you do not successfully pass the road skills test by the expiration of your CDL instruction permit renewal, you will need to reapply. All fees and written tests will be required prior to a new permit being issued.

CDL skills test phone numbers: 800-542-5990 or 888-655-9655