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KSP Participates In Nationwide Brake Check Detail

Date of News Release: 09/01/2014

(Henderson, Ky) - The Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will be participating in a Nationwide Brake Check Detail. The detail will begin on September 7th 2014 and conclude on September 13th 2014. Throughout the detail KSP will focus on the inspection of commercial vehicles for safety related violations with a special emphasis on the braking systems. A recent study shows that over 46 percent of all critical violations found during roadside inspections come from the braking systems on commercial vehicles. Results from a United States Department of Transportation commercial truck crash causation study indicated that brakes were a factor in 29.4 percent of all the crashes investigated. It's easy to see the importance of commercial vehicle inspections. The average passenger car weighs around 4,000 pounds with the average commercial vehicle weighing in at nearly 80,000 pounds. Statistics show that a serious injury or death usually occurs In the event of a collision between a large commercial vehicle and a passenger car. The Kentucky State Police CVE division encourages compliance with all state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. During the detail we encourage questions from drivers and companies to ensure future compliance with all laws. We ask that all citizens report any unsafe operation of cars or commercial vehicles by calling 1-800-222-5555. The Kentucky State Police CVE division will work tirelessly to ensure safety on Kentucky roadways.