Academy Demerit System

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Purpose of Demerit System

The Academy Demerit System is designed to ensure that equitable and consistent corrective actions are taken for infractions of Academy rules and regulations set forth in this manual.

Issuance of Demerits

Demerits will be given to cadets by any member of the Academy staff when it is discovered that an infraction of the Academy rules and regulations has taken place. A listing of cadets and their cumulative total of demerits to date will be posted on the bulletin board near the staff duty officer room.

Demerit Cancellation

Cadets may have demerits deducted from their cumulative totals for exceptional performance of duties excluding receiving above average grades on tests.

Demerit Accumulation

Members of the class starting reporting day will accumulate demerits. Throughout the duration of the class, extra assignments, details, and privileges will be granted to class members based on individual cumulative totals. At the discretion of the Academy Commander, the accumulation of twenty (20) demerits during any one week of training may result in the cancellation of one (1) day of weekend leave, and the accumulation of more than thirty (30) demerits in one week of training may be cause for the entire weekend leave canceled and duties assigned. With regards to the Academy Demerit System only, weeks will begin at 1800 hours on Thursday, and continue through 1759 hours of the following Thursday.

Demerit Reduction

Cadets may also deduct demerits by engaging in activities as designated member of the Academy Staff. Cadets wishing to "work off" demerits via physical activity, must contact the Cadet Duty Officer (CDO) and provide their number of demerits, how many demerits they request to cancel and which activity they choose for cancellation.

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