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This is the 'season of (head)lights'

Transportation Cabinet, Kentucky State Police remind motorists to be seen in low light

Date of News Release: 12/21/2011

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 21, 2011) The first day of winter is the "shortest" day of the year, meaning daylight is at its minimum. It's also the season in which motorists find themselves driving more in the dark and encountering others who are driving without headlights.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Kentucky State Police (KSP) remind motorists to make themselves visible. Crashes often occur because drivers don't see other vehicles.

"Drivers have been contacting us and expressing their concerns about people not using headlights," said Bill Bell, director of the Transportation Cabinet's Office of Highway Safety. "Even though you may still be able to see the pavement ahead, others on the road may not be able to recognize your darkened vehicle. Partnering with Kentucky State Police in reminding drivers to enhance their vehicle's visibility by using headlights is a common sense solution in reducing crashes this holiday season."

Capt. David Jude, commander of the KSP Public Affairs Branch, said some motorists may not be aware that there are laws in place regarding the proper use of head lamps.

"Drivers are required to have their head lamps on 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise," Jude said. "Additionally, lights should be illuminated anytime visibility is low or weather conditions are adverse. Headlights provide enhanced vision for the driver and, more importantly, allow your vehicle to be seen by other drivers."

Drivers are encouraged to:

  • Turn headlights on at sunset or whenever lights are necessary to enhance visibility.
  • Use high beams when there are no oncoming vehicles, except when fog or inclement weather makes low beams more appropriate.
  • Dim headlights within 500 feet of oncoming vehicles or when trailing vehicles within 200 feet.

>Click here for a sound bite of KOHS Director Bill Bell's explanation for reminding the public to use headlights. (The cut is 19 seconds.)

Click here for a sound bite of KOHS Director Bill Bell's explanation for reminding the public to use headlights. (The cut is 17 seconds.)

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